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Australian National Committee on Illumination
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Why should you join the CIE?

Not only does the CIE provide an international platform for everyone interested in light, lighting and image technology, but we also offer access to the latest global information on these subjects.

We develop the common international standards that give rational and competitive solutions for large markets. These are the standards that can be used as a common frame of reference. And they alleviate the setting up of technical specifications by local end-users, manufacturers or suppliers.

Authorities and end-user federations can challenge an international forum to come up with new solutions. Therefore, a continuous think-tank process is in operation.

Also, by being involved in the standardisation process , companies can influence future regulations and specifications for products, processes and applications. And at the same time, they can obtain, early on, the information about potential market requirements as well as demands made by authorities.

All of this provides impulses for the future development of better, more economical and energy-friendly solutions.

By participating in international standardisation , duplication of work is avoided.

The CIE provides numerous other benefits, such as research recognition . This is in addition to our providing a platform for international co-operation and exchange in research.

We also support developing countries by involving them in CIE projects and activities. This demonstrates just how much we nurture - and count on - teamwork. Many groups, including manufacturers and users, trade associations, governmental bodies and authorities, research institutions, take part. And of course, this results in everyone making important contacts.

You can download a CIE Australia membership form (Word doc or PDF), or i f you would like more information, please contact Steve Jenkins on




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